Haubner Gemüse
     fresh · rich in vitamins · unpackaged


Almoshofer Hauptstraße 46, 90427 Nürnberg


At just the push of a button, the “SalaJoe …to go farmautomatically dispenses your selected salad complete with roots. They stay in the irrigation channel until your customer comes to harvest them, and are thus even fresher and richer in vitamins than those sold conventionally.

The “SalaJoe …to go farm” concept is completely in keeping with regional cultivation and follows the trend of zero-waste shops. As such, the customer gets their salad complete with roots and without packaging.

Due to the proximity to the customer, this concept is particularly sustainable and, thanks to the special method of cultivation, the salads are demonstrably extremely resource-efficient.


… for consumers

  • Available when required 24/7
  • Close proximity & short transport routes
  • 100% freshness and quality
  • No packaging
  • Less food spoilage because food is “sold just before consumption
  • No transport via parcel services

… ...for business partners

  • The “farm” can be scaled up or down to the required size
  • Expansion of the “farm” portfolio
  • No parcel service behind the scenes
  • Broad target group
  • Advertising effect


Our approach is to bring unpackaged regionally cultivated produce to the city and keep it fresh until it is purchased and consumed by the end customer. For years we have observed how ideas for relocating food production to the city and to supermarkets have been followed and seen as future-orientated.

However, as a gardener, I believe the principle of regional cultivation outside of the city that has existed for thousands of years is still the right, future-oriented way to go. You also have to be aware that producing food creates a great deal of compost, e.g.:
• When harvesting cauliflower, 50% of the leaf mass remains on the field.
• When farming fish, producing 1kg fish can create up to 4kg fish dung.
These two examples show that when producing food in the city, more weight would have to be transported away than is currently transported into the city.